photo restoration & manipulation

Restoration is the art of digitally enhancing and repairing old images to restore them (as much as possible) to their original states. Manipulation is the art of altering images and can take many forms. Subtle manipulation might include colorization or the removal of small unwanted objects from a background. A more dramatic manipulation might involve removing people, adding people or combining multiple images.

Repaired damage, removed dust and scratches, restored contrast. (Approx. 3 hours)

Repaired minor damage, removed stain, removed dust and scratches, restored and improved contrast. (1 hr)

Repaired minor damage, removed dust and scratches, restored contrast, and colorized. (5 hours)

Repaired tears, damage, dust and scratches + restored and improved contrast. (3-4 hours)

Straightened, created new content in corners, restored color saturation, reduced overexposure on skin, repaired damage and dust, edited background items and lawn. (5 hours)

Brightened slightly and removed the officiate from the background. (1 hr)

This restoration was more challenging than it may initially appear. It was a bit blurry and extremely grainy, but it's one the few photos I have of myself with my mom from when I was young (she disliked being photographed). Although it's impossible to give an old photograph more detail than it originally contained, through the careful application of multiple adjustments and tools, I was able to give it the appearance of being slightly sharper and created a more uniform skin tone. The contrast was improved and dust and scratches were removed, as well. (3 hrs)


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