forms & documents

During the five years I spent with Multnomah County Animal Services, I created and renovated a large amount of informational content. In order to protect animals and the public, it was crucial that instructions be clear and succinct. Effective messages also enabled our employees and services to be more efficient.

In an effort to improve the public's experience with MCAS, I simplified content and redesigned existing forms to meet federally-mandated requirements for accessibility.

In cases where there were no existing documents, I worked with stakeholders to create new, user-friendly forms, fliers and brochures.

Because all of these items are/were public information, I am able to share them here.

tri-fold brochure (front/back)


tri-fold brochure (inside)


tri-fold brochure (front/back)




These posters were created to help clients more accurately describe their lost pets.


tri-fold brochure (front/back)


tri-fold brochure (inside)


Although the pet licensing process could be completed online, this form was created for clients who preferred to print out and mail in their forms.






This was created for vet clinics that sold MCAS licenses. It was an editable PDF with automated computations.



Tri-fold brochure (front/back)


Tri-fold brochure (inside)



This form was created to assist clients who were forced to give up pets. Because they were often upset, they weren't able to retain verbal information, so this provided them with crucial information to take home.


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