design & illustration

Role: I designed a new logo for Friends of Multnomah County Shelter Animals, a private non-profit organization which raises money to supplement the cost of projects and supplies for animals at the county animal shelter. I incorporated imagery from the shelter's logo in order to add credibility and create a cognitive link between the two organizations.


Role: I developed the brand and blend names, brand identity, packaging, products and website for Finch & Fern Organic Tea. I also developed the name and logo for Tango Tea, which did not get past the initial concept phase.


Role: I designed the branding, logo, and user interface for Filigree Photo Restoration & Artistry, a business concept tested using Lean Start-up principles.


MCAS logo and branding

When I began working for Multnomah County Animal Services in 2010, we were required (by the county) to use a decades-old logo on all printed materials.

MCAS had never done branding work prior to my arrival and was in need of a distinct brand identity. In an effort to create a brand look that was both memorable and distinctly different from the design style used by another well-known local shelter, I began using posterized animals in all advertising. I also created a branded avatar to be used in place of a logo and added a watermark of the (old) required logo in the background to comply with county requirements.


This poster was created for display in vet clinics that sell MCAS pet licenses.


Oregonian ad


Spot Magazine ad


avatar / logo for ACT program



Shortly before I began working at MCAS, staff noticed that when they dressed up pitbulls in pink tutus, people were more inclined to adopt them. It became a "thing" and soon our Pitties in Pink were featured in parades and on t-shirts and stickers.




bookmark (front/back)


billboard at Hawthorne Bridge (westbound)


cards & fliers for Petlandia adoption party


Willamette Week ad


flier (FYI: this is the AP style preferred spelling)


movie theater ads



ad campaign

In 2012, we did a large ad campaign (web, print, outdoor) featuring our brand-new "Uncle Sam" cat. My role: design, media planning



movie theater ad

bus shelter


web ad

print ad (Oregonian)

playbill ad


large billboard (several locations)


The pointing "Uncle Sam" cat was so popular that I ended up reconfiguring the image and using it for a wide variety of other ads and materials...




After much success with our pointing cat, we unveiled our pointing "Uncle Sam" dog in the Spring of 2015:


a new logo

The original logo, which was created sometime during the 1970's, prioritized MCAS's law enforcement role and evoked the stigma attached to an outdated, negative "dog catcher" stereotype.

Our goal for the new MCAS logo was to portray animal care and safety as our top priority and to evoke a positive emotional response.



new letterhead with new MCAS logo at top and official county logo at the bottom



I created this video to encourage the adoption of senior cats (please watch until the 29 second mark).


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