web design


Role: Web design utilizing Format CMS, copyrighting (2018)


Role: Web design and ecommerce integration utilizing Squarespace CMS; SEO; Google Analytics; photography; copywriting (2016)

dgrappasonno.com (previous version)

Role: Web design utilizing Wordpress CMS (2016)


Role: Primary representative for MCAS with IT and a team member for three major redesign and site upgrade projects; played a significant role in the user interface design, information architecture, functionality, color scheme, and navigation; performed user testing; Google Analytics; copywriting (2010-2015).


Role: Web design (planning, mockup, html/css, implementation), research, photography, copywriting (approx. 2009)


Role: web design (planning, mockup, html/css, implementation, cross-browser compatibility), SEO, some copywriting (2010)


Using Format